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Decorate with Artifact Uprising Prints

Want amazing prints like this? With Artifact Uprising, you’ll have a physical Instagram wall in your room in no time!

After 6 years in Berkeley, I moved to the coveted and beautiful San Francisco. In college, it was totally fine to print photos out onto flimsy white paper and tape them to your walls. Now I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a huge Pinterest nerd and have found way too many dreamy room decor to continue with flimsy paper taped onto walls. I discovered Artifact Uprising and quickly fell in love. After doing a photoshoot for work, a wonderful coworker of mine gave me a gift card to AU. I was beyond stoked. If by the end of this post, you’re in love too, feel free to comment & I can send over $10 of credit to AU.

The interface of AU was extremely easy to use. I was able to upload photos not only from my computer, but from my

own Instagram account also – there’s way too many photos on my computer to sort through, ha. The prices differ according to the sizes you choose, and there’s plenty of options. I ordered a set of 4×4 and a set of 5×5 (~$18 a set). Your photos come in the mail in a little package that looks like this, with your prints sitting nicely inside. The paper is thick and sturdy and your photos come out matte, which I personally love more than the gloss photos.

Here are the two sets! The color really stays true to what it looks like on your computer when you upload, which is nice. I know that sometimes when you print photos from a computer or get them at a local convenience store, there’s higher contrast in the photos when printed.


Not only should I get better quality photos, but I wanted to also start framing them. After sorting through the photos, I decided which ones I wanted to frame. I was able to find a set of nine 4×4 frames for about $40 (~$4 per frame) on Amazon here. The frames are easy to use and easy to hook onto nails. Then I ordered these two geometric rose gold frames:

These frames are slightly tricker since there’s that transparent border around your picture, but there’s a little rubber piece in each corner. When you remove the pieces, you can slide off the back glass, and put your photo in (I had to tape it to the back glass to stop it from moving when putting the glass back in). Pretty nifty design if you ask me – super clean and the perfect statement frame. I ordered two of these babies for $11 each from here.

This is what my final wall looked like after hanging up the nine frames. I was able to put the other copper frames on my night stand – stay tuned for more on that later. 😉

Want $10 off your first Artifact Uprising order? Comment below so I can send you a referral!

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