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Product Review: Origins GinZing

I recently was lucky enough to get selected to try out the Origins GinZing series, thanks Influenster!

To start, I’m a big fan of Origins’ face masks to begin with, so I was super excited when I found out I was getting a box! In the past, I’ve used their Clear Improvement Charcoal mask, Original Skin Mask, and their Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask. So far, no disappointments.

Here I’ll be writing about the three products from the Origins GinZing series that Influenster sent over: the Refreshing Scrub Cleanser, Refreshing Eye Cream, and the Energy-Boosting Moisturizer.

1) Refreshing Scrub Cleanser

Overall Rating: 4/5 stars
Would I recommend: Yes!
Skin type: Oily

I really enjoyed the cleanser. The scrub is meant to help you exfoliate and unclog pores. It’s very gentle on your skin, contains micro-beads that are smooth on your face and aren’t scratchy at all. You don’t need too much to cover your whole face, just a small squeeze (pictured above). It’s fairly thick so it’ll smooth out over your face. When you start to rinse with water, it starts to get very soapy! So if you put too much to begin with, you’ll be rinsing for days, haha. Just this small squeeze requires about 4-5 rinses for me to get all of it off. Then I’ll pat dry with a towel.

Honestly, I’ve been sleeping less for the last couple of weeks because I’ve been super busy, and this scrub feels very refreshing in the morning. It has a citrus/orange/grapefruit scent that I really like for cleansers. Since I have oily skin that’s acne prone, I felt that this made my skin feel lighter rather than having a layer of oil when I just rinse with water. That means that when I put on foundation after this, it feels slightly less thick/cakey, which is nice 🙂

A quick search shows that this is about $30 or so, and if you’re using such a small amount everyday, it’s bound to last a good amount of time!

2) Refreshing Eye Cream

Overall Rating: 3/5 stars
Would I recommend: Something to see for yourself! Personally no for myself.
Skin type: Oily

After washing my face in the morning with the scrub, I’d move on to put some eye cream on the puffy areas below my eye. I think it did a good job of moisturizing, but I don’t really see a big difference day to day. I feel like I’d rather stick to natural items for eyes (tea bags, cucumbers, ya know) when doing a facial. I don’t really have dark circles, just slight bagginess, and maybe I just need more sleep?

Overall the texture is very smooth and again, doesn’t feel make your skin feel heavy at all or as if there was a thick layer on top. The smell is similar to the scrub (orange/grapefruity), but more subtle. I would say this probably differs a lot from person to person since it’s not just for cleaning your face like the scrub, but more for skin improvement, so definitely try it out for a bit. Maybe long term I might notice a bigger change, but I don’t think this is necessary for me at the moment.

You also don’t need a lot for coverage. They give you 0.5 oz but you just need a small dab on your finger (pictured below) and it’ll cover both circles.


3) Energy-Boosting Gel Moisturizer

Overall Rating: 4/5 stars
Would I recommend: Yes (especially if you have dry skin)!
Skin type: Oily

Again, since my skin is oily, I feel like I don’t need to use moisturizer as much, but using the scrub probably does remove a lot of oil from my face, so I’ll use them both together. I don’t like to use just the moisturizer on its own since it feels like I’m just putting lotion on my already oily face.

It’s definitely very soft and subtle on your skin. I can tell it makes it slightly shinier – not too shiny where it looks like there’s flash on your face, but well hydrated and you get this nice glow :). I think this is the kind of moisturizer that would also help if you have flakey skin (I’ll put it small dabs on dry areas on my hands/arms sometimes, haha).

Since I have acne prone skin, I was afraid it’d make me break out more at first, but none of that happened. I will say that I didn’t put on moisturizer if I was wearing foundation that day since I didn’t want too many layers on my face and I didn’t want it to mix together. A couple times I’d put it on at night before bed and it’d make my skin feel soft in the morning – then I can go and wash my face with the GinZing scrub.


Overall I really enjoyed this box since I tend to stick to very basic skin care products (acne wash at night, Origins face mask once a week, and just water in the morning, hehe). I would say my order of favorites was the scrub, the moisturizer, and then the eye cream. Fingers crossed for another box soon!


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Disclosure: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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