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Hair like waves

Now that summer’s starting, I’m excited to restart this blog again. I’ve been shopping for clothes to take to my upcoming Europe trip and some clothes for the summer. I picked up this cute & chic blouse that’s off the shoulder. It’s my first off the shoulder top – really trying to get out of my comfort zone here!

With my upcoming Europe trip, I’ll probably start sharing some of my adventures & travel photos, aaaaand if I’m in a good mood, also travel tips ­čśë

I recently moved to San Francisco two weeks ago and I’ve been doing a lot of sight seeing. Today I took a trip to Land’s End with a good friend who also loves taking photos, so we had a huge blast (so did these waves…). There were lots of little flowers growing and the weather was perfect.

How to get there:

If you’re taking an Uber or Lyft, have them drop you off at Point Lobos Ave & El Camino Del Mar. If you’re driving, drive to this intersection and then drive down El Camino Del Mar to find parking. This will you start you off at Sutro Baths and you’ll find different trails leading to the beach and the Land’s End┬álabyrinth of rocks.

If you’re taking public transportation and coming from Downtown San Francisco, you can take the 38/38R and it’ll take you straight to the Point Lobos Ave & El Camino Del Mar intersection as well!

After a long day at Land’s End, there’s a lot of dessert places nearby to try out! I personally love San Francisco’s Hometown Creamery.

What you’ll find at Land’s End:

Sutro Bath’s –┬áremainds of a privately owned saltwater pool from the 19th century. This place has lots of stairs & climbing, so be warned and stay hydrated!

There are stops between each place, but walking from Sutro Bath’s to the Land’s End, you’ll find a lot of scenic spots to stop at. Golden Gate Bridge hunters, here’s your chance. I also saw a large amount of dogs here having fun and playing in the water, so definitely bring your pup!

Once you’re at Land’s End, you’ll find a rock labyrinth (not pictured) & you can look down at the waves. You’ll be able to trail down to the beach & watch the waves as well. Great spot for photos!

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  1. Beautiful pictures!! I’ll have to check out Land’a End next time I’m in San Francisco. Thank you for the travel tips!

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