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Los Angeles Feature: Museum of Ice Cream


Hey everyone! I’ve been a little busy with work and flying back and forth from place to place, but I’ll be settled in San Francisco for the next two weeks. Then I’m going to the lovely New York City!! Please feel free to drop recommendations!

I finally got around to editing photos from the museum, so I wanted to share all the magic with you!It’s a great place for family, friends, lovers, kids, you name it. I felt like I was 5 again. I went with 3 other friends and we had such a blast. I definitely recommend it, but tickets book up fast and they’re sold out until OCTOBER! I’d keep an eye out for when the next round opens up again. Tickets are $29 + $9 service fee (total for your whole order). I bought these tickets back in March to go in July. (By the way, when you buy tickets, they ask you to put everyone’s name down. If you’re wondering if they’re refundable or if you can buy it second hand, the only requirement for transferring tickets is that ONE person of the originally listed group is still an attendee.)

Weirdly enough, Kobe Bryant + family was in the reservation before me! One of the guides told our group this, and a couple hours later, I saw their pictures on insta. So close! 🙁

This museum is located in the heart of the Arts district in Downtown LA. It’s pretty easy to get to as it’s right off the freeway and you’ll see a large pink building. You know you’re there. There is valet parking for $5-6 (?) and a parking lot on the next block for $4. The building is actually more of a warehouse, so it was ridiculously (and ironically) super hot inside! I was melting along with the ice cream.

Alright alright, here’s the tour of the museum. When you first get in, you’ll be presented with some chocolates out of an ice cream truck in the “lobby” of the museum. The first room you get into will be a telephone room. You’ll get to play with the phones and take pictures, but the lighting is pretty reddish in here, so I just grabbed pics of the phones 🙂

After this, you’ll head over into a room with MANY patterned walls of “Hollywood”. You’ll get ice cream in this room – I think mine was some sort of banana cookie dough pie – I could be very off… that’s what it tasted like, ha. Notice the ice cream scoops that make up the street sign pole! The details are amazing. There’s also Hollywood stars of your favorite celebrities in front of their version of a Hollywood sign 😉


After this room, you’ll go bananas for the swings here. It’s a tiny corner before you go into the banana exhibit with hanging bananas, and the perfect opportunity for an Instagram or Boomerang shot! This ish is BANANAS. The room of bananas is half pink, half yellow, so prep for all the ways you can get creative in there!

After you’re done getting crazy with the fruits, you’ll get minty fresh in the garden room. You’ll be offered mint chocolate chip mochi (Japanese rice cake as the skin). It was super delicious and I don’t even like mint in my ice cream!

The ice cream museum is really nifty because you never know what you’re going to get next. Did you expect the room after this to have a claw machine of ice creams? This was a fairly dim room with some sherbet-themed walls. Don’t get too attached to these walls because you’ll want to enjoy the next one — POPSICLE STICKS!! My favorite summer dessert! Along with that, you’ll find a gummy bear themed and you get a handful of gummy bears to nom on while taking pictures with the bear statues. I felt like I was just in an endless maze of sugar.

Enough with the colors already, am I right? You’ll surprisingly walk into a black and white room that reminds you more of an actual museum. You’ll be offered charcoal cookie dough in a cone (no, it is not cold)! It’s a simple exhibit with ice cream cones “thrown” at the walls. The cookie dough was a little too sweet for me and is a little less dense than standard cookie dough so it felt like eating pure sugar.

But just as you thought color was over, your (and your kids if you have ’em!) favorite part is next. THE SPRINKLE POOL!! Unfortunately this pool is a timed setting, so you have about 2-3 minutes to take your pictures before they scoot you out. The sprinkles are most definitely fake, so don’t eat them! You’ll be able to jump in from their “diving board” and “swim” using the floaties.

This was the last “exhibit” and you’ll enter into the gift shop / relaxing area. They end your tour with strawberry pancakes + vanilla ice cream sandwich. What a cute idea.


If you get the chance to go anytime soon, I’d love to see your creative pics also! Follow me to keep up with my adventures 😉


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  1. This looks like so much fun! I’ll be in LA this weekend, too bad you’re saying the tickets are sold out till October 🙁 Thanks for the visual tour, though – it was great!
    As far as NYC tips, please feel free to check out my feature that I recently partnered on with British Airways with some of my favorite NYC shopping gems – hope this helps!

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